We all know that food trucks are not just a passing fad anymore.  With corporate giants entering the fold each day trying to compete with small and independent food trucks, it’s clear that the trend is here to stay.

So if you are contemplating hiring one of these hot commodities for your next private event, how do you choose the right truck?

We’ve outlined 3 keys below to make sure you consider before choosing a food truck for your event:

1.  Professionalism:  In order for your event to go smoothly, you need to ensure that the truck you hire is a team of professionals.  Be sure to pick a truck that knows how to be on time and prepared.  Also, you might consider some of these questions when checking them out in person or online:  Do their workers appear clean and tidy?  Do they carry themselves in a mature manner when interacting with customers both online and in person?  Does the truck’s overall appearance seem planned and put together to impact the overall brand message?

2.  Individuality:  All trucks have a brand identity.  All trucks have a story.  When selecting a truck for your event, ensure that you are choosing a truck with a specific image that you want presented at your event.  Are you looking for down-home BBQ or upscale tapas?  Late night bites or breakfast eats?  What makes the truck you choose stand out from the rest?  It might be a certain type of cuisine or their ability to customize their menu to your needs.  It might just be that you like the owners or you’re related to them.  Whatever the reason, know that food trucks have a personality and the one you choose will help to tell the story of your event.

3.  Great Food: What’s a party without great food?  The final key to choosing a truck is the food.  At the end of the day, food trucks will only survive if they serve great food.  Be sure that the truck you choose is capable of serving the menu you desire.  Some trucks might only serve menus they do on the truck while others might be able to customize their offerings to fit your needs.  Also, find out in advance what happens to the leftovers.  You never know when that post-party food might make for a great lunch the next day!

So, go forth and choose a great food truck for your event.  Just make sure you take these things into consideration so the food truck you choose can take your event to the next level.