At Freckled & Blue Kitchen, we serve wood-fired barbecue that is smoked fresh daily on our 3 custom-built smokers. We use premium cuts of meats and traditional smoking methods to create a first-class barbecue experience for our guests.


We use local Georgia white oak and cherry wood to fuel our pits to produce a thin blue smoke that provides just the right amount of smoke flavor to complement our meats.


We season our meats simply with salt, pepper and a house rub that features paprika, brown sugar and other spices. Our briskets only receive a generous coat of kosher salt and coarse ground black pepper.

Our smokers are run by our pitmaster and co-owner Tyler Lindley. Each smoker is run by maintaining a wood fire over many hours to maintain consistent temperatures and smoke profile. We have three smokers:

"Jenny": our hog box made by Bubba Grillz in Haddock, GA is a wood-fired pit that features a water cooking system and plenty of space to fit whole hogs or lots of pork shoulders.


"Frank the Tank": our offset pit custom made by a local GA welder is a traditional Texas offset pit. This "stickburner" is filled with white oak and cherry wood daily to smoke our briskets as well as some pork and poultry when needed.


"The Fridge": our upright cabinet style smoker resembles a fridge and is thickly insulated and runs efficiently




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