Here at Freckled & Blue Kitchen, we pride ourselves on serving the freshest BBQ in the metro Atlanta area! Depending on the type and cut of meat, we utilize our 3 custom built, all wood fired smokers to infuse pure smoke flavor into all of our meats.

What makes us different?

We smoke all of our BBQ fresh daily.

We source from premium (& local!) providers.

Brisket: Certified Angus Beef

Bacon Burnt Ends/Pork: White Marble Farms

Chicken: Springer Mountain Farms

Turkey: A rotation of GA based farmers

All of our smokers are manned by our Pitmaster. No gas-assisted smokers over here!

We utilize GA Grown White Oak & Cherry wood in all of our fires.

We treat smoke as an ingredient in each of our recipes.


"Jenny": our hog box made by Bubba Grillz in Haddock, GA is a wood-fired pit that features a water cooking system and plenty of space to fit whole hogs or lots of pork shoulders.

"Frank the Tank": our offset pit custom made by a local GA welder is a traditional Texas offset pit. This "stickburner" is filled with white oak and cherry wood daily to smoke our briskets as well as some pork and poultry when needed.


"The Fridge": our upright cabinet style smoker resembles a fridge and is thickly insulated and runs efficiently