Atlanta Food Truck Catering

Atlanta Food Truck Catering is taking the Atlanta private event scene by storm! What better way to make a splashy statement at your next event than a food truck?  Food trucks offer unique menus, quick turnaround times and reasonable rates for events of any size.  Some events that you can find food trucks at include [...]

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Cold Winters Mean Hot Summers

This just in, the food truck season slows way down in the winter.  It has been a cold, bitter winter and us food truck owners have felt it more than most. Like golf courses and amusement parks and other outdoor-based businesses, food trucks slow way down in the winter months.  If you don't want to [...]

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Freckled & Blue Kitchen

So Freckled & Blue Kitchen has been open for 2 weeks now.  Thank you, thank you to all of those who have come and visited us so far!  We have had great support from those in Smyrna and beyond. Just so everyone knows, we are always open to feedback and ideas to how we can [...]

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Eat. Give. Grow.

"With every meal purchased, Freckled & Blue feeds an Atlantan in need." Tyler and I were both very lucky to grow up with parents whom were able to provide us with everything we needed and more. Both of our Dad's have very impressive tenures at two major food companies (and congratulations to the one and only, D!, [...]

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Freckled & Blue has a Restaurant Not On Wheels? What!?!

That's right folks.  We are in the process of building out our kitchen space! This will enable customers to eat with us right at our commissary kitchen in Smyrna. We are adding a counter and re-doing the floors and adding furniture as well.  The space will be open for casual dine-in or carry-out and hours [...]

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A Thank You from Freckled & Blue

Fall is here! Fall temperatures, fall festivals and falling leaves. We've been open for 6 weeks and we've been busy planning, cooking, catering and driving our truck to all corners of Atlanta! We've enjoyed meeting everyone that's eaten with us so far and we are thankful that we are sitting here and typing to each [...]

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Being in a Relationship & Starting a Business…Together

So... if you haven't figured it out yet, we are in a relationship.  We've been together for about 3 years now. Here's a throwback picture! Queue the negative (but sometimes positive, who are we kidding... mostly negative!) feedback we have received from friends, family and internet columns when we told them we were [...]

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What We Learned Our First Week…

Well week 1 is in the books gang.  And no we don't mean NFL football, we mean week 1 of Freckled & Blue out on the streets of Atlanta! It was an up and down week just like we are sure they all will be.  We made our first sale and we had our first [...]

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3 Keys to Choosing the Right Food Truck for Your Event

We all know that food trucks are not just a passing fad anymore.  With corporate giants entering the fold each day trying to compete with small and independent food trucks, it's clear that the trend is here to stay. So if you are contemplating hiring one of these hot commodities for your next private event, [...]

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The Journey Begins

Hello, World! We are excited to announce the start of our food revolution here in Atlanta, Georgia named Freckled & Blue. The name is derived from both Juliana and Tyler, the owner/operators of this new venture.  Juliana is fun and vivacious and freckled of course and Tyler is a blue-eyed charmer.  Together we form Freckled [...]

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