Well week 1 is in the books gang.  And no we don’t mean NFL football, we mean week 1 of Freckled & Blue out on the streets of Atlanta!

It was an up and down week just like we are sure they all will be.  We made our first sale and we had our first generator shut down.  We came home to dog poop and got woken up by 6am catering request phone calls.  We laughed at Tyler when he kept calling the Country Time lemonade Minute Maid lemonade.

All in all, it was great.  We learned a lot.  We fed a lot of people.  And most of all we had fun!

Here are a few pictures we managed to snap along the way and we promise to get better about capturing some more of these moments going forward!


Tyler got the mustard open!

Juliana dishing it out!

Driving the tank around

Hair always looking good ;)

Night time on the Truck!

See you on the streets soon!


eat. give. grow.


Juliana & Tyler